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Vehicles decontamination and disinfection platform D-SAL lets spray different kinds of disinfectant liquids on all accessible surfaces of vehicles that pass through them, depending on each project.

Vehicles decontamination and disinfection platforms let spray different kinds of disinfectant liquids on vehicles and people that pass through them, depending on each project.

Vehicles decontamination platforms are customized, and they guarantee to cover not only lower part of vehicles but also lateral parts and top of every type of truck, pick-up, van or car.

Platform size depends on the dimensions and types of vehicles to be disinfected. SALMA manufactures single platforms that can treat a wide range of vehicles, with different types and sizes.

SALMA decontamination platforms don’t require civil works. Equipment are completely manufactured on workshop and installed at site easily.

Fields of application:

  • Quarrying and underground & open pit mining
  • Agriculture & livestock, wood processing
  • Purification & treatment plants
  • Waste transfer & dumpsites
  • Sanitation plants and chemical industry
  • Fight against virus and epidemics

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SALMA decontamination and disinfection platforms are built to remove contamination from vehicles that enter and get out from facilities and worksites.

They can be customized according to project’s requirements. Platforms can be enhanced, modified and adjusted to different needs, increasing number of nozzles and perimetral rings. Also, with protecting sidewalls specifically studied for windy areas.

Decontamination and disinfection platforms can be optionally equipped with tools for reducing multiples contaminants.


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