Technical Data

Odour control

Odour suppression systems keep under control wide industrial areas (indoor and outdoor), where odour concentrations are quite high. Odour suppression systems are adjusted to the different kind of installations and can work even at low pressure.
Chemical additives are specific for each project, using substances harmless to humans and environmentally friendly. Odour suppression systems have a wide range of use in chemical industry, environmental facilities, recycling plants, agriculture and livestock…


Odour suppression systems are composed of the same elements as dust suppression systems, including dosing stations for adding neutralising chemicals. The systems can be started automatically from a control cabinet, so there is nebulization only when the odour appears, for several minutes every hour, saving consumptions and costs.

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Industrial applications

Odour suppression system efficiency has been proven in different sectors of production:

  • Waste recycling facilities
  • Purification plants
  • Dumping sites
  • Chemical industries
  • Agriculture and livestock farms
  • Factories and industrial units


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