Dust suppression systems

Salma & Duztech are world leaders in the use of water for dust suppression. They have decades of experience in the manufacture of standard equipment and offering customized projects and complex solutions through studies for fixed or mobile installations of water cannons and spray systems.

Operating principle

Fog and mist cannons produce particles of water in suspension. These particles moisten the material and unleash the agglomeration of the dust particles to sizes large enough to settle. Once the powder drops reach the soil, the water evaporates leaving the material dry.



  • Dust suppression with water
  • Dust control with water
  • Spraying a mixture of water and chemical additives to improve dust suppression
  • Dry fog (combination of air + water)
  • Refrigeration of spaces with high temperature (indoor and outdoor)
  • Sealing of coal stockpiles
  • Odour suppression
  • Evaporation of water in pools (EVAP)
  • Wetting of roads and areas with traffic of trucks and heavy vehicles


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Cañón de niebla (nebulizador) Serie A
Technical Data

Equipped with a galvanized steel chassis, they are perfect for outdoor work such as demolition, construction, mining, heavy material recycling plants, waste plants, ports, big industry, among others.


Cañón de niebla (nebulizador) Serie M
Technical Data

Small unit for manual use that generates a very fine mist, therefore very effective for indoor demolition works, being also very appropriate for odour suppression in those sensitive places as chemical industry, food processing industry, sewage plants…


Cañón de niebla (nebulizador) Serie Basic
Technical Data

Last generation series with lower water and power consumption. Compact design for shorter throwing distances compared with A series.  Adaptable to different voltages (400 AC, 230 AC) three or one phases electric power.


Cañón de niebla (nebulizador) TWG
Technical Data

Mobile and autonomous fog cannon, perfect for works in remote places or where it is necessary to move the equipment constantly in order to cover large areas. Fog cannon mounted on a mobile chassis with autonomous generator and high capacity water tank all integrated.


Cañón de niebla (nebulizador) Mosquito
Technical Data

Small machine, light and compact, movable by hand if necessary. MOSQUITO is ideal for indoor demolition works, it generates a fine mist of water which makes it perfect for odour suppression.