Technical Data

Dust supression

HS System is a high-pressure water spraying system. It is the best solution for dust suppression on fixed industrial installations, covering wide working areas and specific points as conveyor discharges, transference towers, hoppers and stockpiles, among others.
HS System is very versatile, and it can be designed according to the Client’s requirements. Each installation is different, adapting its configuration and capacity to the local environmental conditions, types of materials and the availability of water at site.


HS System is formed by 5 main elements: high pressure pump giving up to 70 bar, filter station placed before pump, an extended net of high-pressure hoses to interconnect elements, mist nozzles with very little holes and variable angle of spraying that generates a homogeneous and fine mist, and stainless steel piping to place the nozzles at the working areas. The System works in automatic mode activated by ultrasonic sensors, the water mist is only generated when there is dust.

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HS System is economically cheap and technically provides high efficiency, giving an extended range of advantages over other commercial solutions:

  • Requires very low investments, much less than dust collection solutions.
  • Adaptable to every kind of installation and facility.
  • Reduced water consumption (l/min.)
  • Moderate power consumption.
  • Water flow adjustable according to water availability.


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