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Evaporation cannon

Evaporation cannon (EVAP model) is a powerful cannon designed specifically to evaporate liquids and leachates. With high capacity to throw a fine mist of liquid, EVAP makes easy evaporation upon touching the environment.

EVAP is supplied with a heavy duty chassis. It consumes low power in comparison with its high throwing capacity and high performance.

Evaporating flows are adjusted according to Client’s needs and type of liquid.
Using EVAP, the level of liquid inside the pool goes down and therefore it is not necessary to increase its capacity, avoiding strong investments in new construction.

Different uses

EVAP can be used for evaporating different kinds of fluids:

  • Leachates from dumping sites
  • Water from mining activity
  • Water generated by chemical industry
  • Water extracted together with oil and gas
  • Leachate pools from environmental treatment plants

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Evaporation cannons can be customized in the same way that standard fog cannons are. They can be manufactured with electric turning and tilt, set wheels and remote control, also mounted on a frame with or without wheels, connected to a generator with external fuel tank to work at locations where power is not available, or the equipment must be moved constantly from place to place.
EVAP model is supplied together with a submergible pump resistant to aggressive liquids and leachates, interconnection hoses and a control cabinet with automatic and manual mode.


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